FINAL Public Health Facebook IconThe Public Health Think Tank at NYUAD is a two day, multi-university conference where select delegates from across the UAE (United Arab Emirates) will be invited to create innovative solutions in the field of public health. The initiative is now in it’s first year but is designed to become an annual event where young people can contribute to both local and national efforts to solve various public health problems. Each year, the conference will focus on a specific issue in public health. The aim of this year’s conference, which will be held from Oct. 31 – Nov. 1, 2014, is to challenge delegates to find new ways of targeting the high incidence of tobacco usage and addiction in the UAE.

Student teams will be composed of 4-5 selected delegates, ideally all from different universities across the UAE. Each team will be charged with the task of creating a public health intervention that they believe will contribute effectively to the local battle against smoking. This proposed intervention may take almost any form – perhaps a public health policy memorandum, a health education plan, a new software monitoring program, a hospital initiative, or an art-based anti-smoking campaign – and should take into account both the social and biological aspects of health and disease.

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