Who should apply

Student teams are composed of 4-5 selected delegates from different universities across the UAE. Each team will be charged with the task of creating a public health intervention that they believe will contribute effectively to the public health issue selected for that year’s conference.

  • Students from all academic disciplines are encouraged to apply.

Teams will rely on their members to come up with an innovative solution, and the best solutions will be those that are multidisciplinary in nature.  Thus, we need all sorts of expertise, from visual artists to engineers, activists to economists, public policy makers to biologists.

  • Applicants must be current undergraduate or graduate students studying in the UAE.

The Public Health Think Tank is a student-run initiative that seeks to involve university students from across the UAE in dialogue and problem-solving in the field of public health.  Both undergraduate and graduate level students will be accepted and applicants from any university located in the UAE are welcome to apply.




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